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1. Does your Department have topographical maps for sale?
2. Does your Department have aerial photos?
3. When are land sales usually held?
4. May I hunt on public lands in Carlton County?
5. Where are public lands in Carlton County located?
6. How do I access public lands?
7. Can I access landlocked property along a section line?
8. What are the rules about deer stands on public lands in Carlton County?
9. What may I cut or clear to create a shooting lane?
10. Are Hunting Cabin Leases available in Carlton County?
11. Can Hunting Cabin Leases be sold?
12. Can I camp on tax-forfeited land?
13. Can I drive an ATV on County forest roads and trails?
14. Is it possible to obtain an easement over County administered land?
15. May I cut firewood on County administered land?
16. Can I cut a Christmas Tree from tax-forfeited land?
17. Does your Department have GIS data?
18. Will the Land Department run boundary lines on private land?
19. Are there Public Parks in Carlton County?