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    To complete by typing your name and date in the signature line. To have a copy of this permit to be carried when visiting sites. To respect property rights of the Carlton County owned pits. To practice safety and extend courtesy to others who may be visiting the sites also. To avoid climbing on steep gravel banks or tampering with machinery. To leave the property in as good or better condition than when you entered. To waive any right to sue the County of Carlton for any possible injury sustained while on County property.
  2. Permission valid from date above through October 31 of the same year.
    Permit is valid immediately for picking agates at the following gravel pits: Hatchery Pit, Soo Line Pit and Moose Lake Airport Pit as indicated on the site maps. There are no charges for the permit or the maps. Agate picking is only allowed during daylight hours.
  3. Private Gravel Pits
    If there are signs that say No Trespassing at the Gravel Pit Sites, these are privately owned and you should continue down the road to the County Gravel Pit Site.
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