Carlton County Drug Prevention Coalition

The Carlton County Drug Prevention Coalition was established to combat the growing epidemic of substance abuse in Carlton County. The mission of the Coalition is to engage, advocate, inform, and bring awareness of substance abuse issues through education, prevention, enforcement, intervention, treatment, and recovery to build a health and safe community. The Coalition meets on a regular basis and consists of members from many organizations and businesses throughout the county. Some of the members include; Health Care professionals, Education, Law enforcement, Public Health, and Treatment/Recovery, as well as community members who have an interest in working to overcome the issue of substance abuse in their community.


The efforts of the Coalition are widespread, some of which include organizing and holding community forums and education sessions, working to improve system processes that touch substance abuse, collaborating with schools to focus on prevention among youth, addressing the impact of stigma, and much more. 

If you are interested in joining the Carlton County Drug Prevention Coalition, please contact Ali Bachinski at 218-878-2858 or