Public Health


Carlton County Public Health has been in operation since 1920. There has been considerable growth since then and we now have a staff of 36 county staff and 6 contract staff in Public Health. Public Health provides a variety of programs and services and is funded primarily through grants, waivers, state medical assistance, insurance reimbursements, and some local tax dollars. Public Health is a service provided to county residents just like law enforcement, fire and emergency services.


Registered Public Health Nurses provide home visits to families across the age span. Pregnant women, new parents, and babies are seen through our prenatal and Universal Home Visits. High risk families with young children and special needs children can receive services and support from highly trained skilled nurses. The elderly citizens are assisted to remain in their homes and communities through case management, home care, and telehealth services.


We also provide/administer WIC, immunizations, lactation consulting, caregiver support, jail health services, Follow Along Program (tracks development of infants and children), environmental health response (radon, lead, public health nuisances, mold), emergency preparedness, and various health education related programs (Statewide Health Improvement Partnership, Crisis Text Line, Drug Prevention, etc.).

Infectious Disease

We do follow up on infectious disease outbreaks and public health preparedness in the event of man made, natural, or biological disasters. We provide outreach for child and teen check ups, preventive dental services for medical assistance clients and weekly classes with high school credits for teen parents.


We work with many community partners in our county and across the region on health related issues and concerns. The roles of public health staff include surveillance, advocacy, consultation, collaboration, case finding, health teaching, coalition building, community organizing, social marketing, referral and follow up, provider education, policy development, outreach, disease investigation, case management, screening, and delegated medical duties. We not only work with individuals but also with communities and populations.

All of the following services are of no direct cost to you. Costs are covered through some insurance companies, Carlton County Family & Children Services Collaborative, and other funding sources (federal, state, and local).