Windshield Damage

Windshield damage from a tire-thrown rock while meeting or following another vehicle is covered by the damaged vehicle owner's insurance as an unavoidable road hazard. Victims of windshield damage should contact their insurance agent with details. Typically, these windshield claims do not adversely affect insurance rates.

County Responsibility

Windshield damage resulting from negligence on the county's behalf should be reported to the Sheriff's Department by calling 911. Examples of negligence include: overloaded trucks or trailer, lack of appropriate mud flaps or traveling at an unreasonable rate of speed. Incidents of windshield damage from negligence will be handled through the county's insurance trust.

Carlton County Transportation would like to remind drivers that though windshield damage incidents are unfortunate, they are not uncommon nor avoidable. Rocks can lodge in the treads of any vehicle tire and fly out at the most inopportune time!