Carlton County is strategically located along Interstate 35 running north to south and State Highway 210 from west to east. Six rail systems cover the county as well with Class I BSNF having three routes; Class I Sub-CN with two routes and a Class III private line in Cloquet.

Access to Great Lakes shipping through the Duluth Seaway Port is just 20 minutes away. And the ability to Import and Export commodities and passenger traffic is available at the Duluth International Airport with only 25 minute drive. Carlton County also has two smaller regional airports located in Moose Lake at the south end and Cloquet at the north end.

Industrial Parks

Carlton County is home to seven industrial parks:

  • Esko Industrial Park (along I 35 on the north end of the county)
  • Esko Retail Town Center
  • Cloquet Business park (located on County Road 33)
  • Barnum Industrial Park (along I35 in south central)
  • Scanlon-Birch Knoll Industrial Park at the intersection of County Highway 45 and 61.
  • Moose Lake Retail Park located on Highway 73 at the south end of the county
  • Carlton County Industrial Park located along County Highway 210 and parallel to I35