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 Economic Development Authority


Economic Development Authority

The Carlton County Economic Development Authority objectives are to; develop, encourage, promote and protect the business interests of the Carlton County area; to encourage the development of the county’s employment base; and to provide centralized services for the Local Development Corporations (LDC’s) and Developers. The EDA shall act in an advisory capacity only to the County Board of Commissioners.

County EDA Commissioners (Appointment Term)


Marv Bodie (2016)
County Commissioner; Jurisdiction - Thomson, Scanlon, Carlton, Thomson Township; CCEDAC member; Thomson Township resident.
Ted Pihlman (2015)
County Commissioner, Jurisdiction Moose Lake, Kettle River, Cromwell, Wright, several townships; business owner; Airport Commission; Long history with CCEDAC; Moose Lake resident.
Ted Shaw (2014)
Mayor of Moose Lake; Moose Lake resident.
Brian Fritsinger (2013)
City Administrator for 10 years; Cloquet EDA member; CCEDAC member; Cloquet resident.
Bernadine Reed (2013)
City Clerk for Kettle River, Barnum; Former CCEDAC member; Kettle River resident.
Nancy Graham (2012)
Councilor, City of Cromwell, business owner (Cromwell).
Doug Juntunen (2012)
Former Mayor / city councilor for Barnum; Member of Esko Community Development Corporation; Esko resident; business owner(Moose Lake, Esko); CCEDAC member; Thomson Township resident.
Rick Pomroy (2011)
Plant Manager, Jarden Home Brands.
Mike Hyland (2011)
Mayor of Wrenshall; CCEDAC member.

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