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Carlton County Sheriff's Posse

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     Mission Statement

  • The Carlton County Sheriff's Mounted Posse was formed under the request and direction of the Carlton County Sheriff.

  • We are a non-profit organization, independent from the Carlton County Sheriff's Office.

  • Our primary function is to promote search and public relations.  Other functions include good horsemanship, good sportsmanship, and good safety practices within our community.

  • Although we are an independent organization, we do serve under the supervision and direction of the Carlton County Sheriff, and may be called to serve other functions as directed by the Sheriff.

  • In whatever function requested to serve, our mission is to cooperate with all law enforcement officers and/or agencies, in the safety and preservation of all human life.

The Posse Horse

Horses can be of any breed, but must have a good disposition, be healthy, and show no signs of lameness.  The posse horse must be well-trained and exhibit basic knowledge such as gait changes, backing, and trail work.  The horse must pass an annual sensory training clinic which will help detect if the horse can tolerate the numerous situations that it will be exposed to.

Both the horse and rider must qualify for the posse as a team.  The rider must own tack, truck and trailer.  The rider must demonstrate good riding ability and horsemanship prior to acceptance as a member.

Official Functions

Non-Emergency Situations

  • To maintain public peace through the visible presence of the Mounted Posse at public events.

  • To assist the public in non-enforcement situations, i.e. giving directions, aiding lost children, etc.

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Emergency Situations

  • Airplane Crashes

  • Emergency/Crime Scene Security

  • Accident Scenes

  • Evidence Searches

  • Tornado

  • Search & Rescue

  • Emergency Evacuations

  • Homicides

  • Floods

Posse Members

The Posse may have up to 25 riding & non-riding, both male and female, members.


When an opening is available, the Posse will advertise the position.  Interested applicants can apply as stated in the advertisement.

Crun3.GIF - 7.8 KContributors

The Posse would like to thank all the contributors for their donations toward our search and rescue equipment.  Without their support, none of this would be possible.  We would also like to extend a big thank you to the Carlton County Sheriff's Office for their cooperation and help in getting the Posse established.


The Carlton County Sheriff's Mounted Posse is currently accepting applications for riding members. Interested parties can contact for an application. The deadline for applications is March 1, 2013.

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The Carlton County Posse is a Non-Profit Organization providing community service and consists of up to 25 members and their horses.  For more information or to make a donation, please call (218) 384-3236.

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