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When creating your own forms always leave 3 inches of blank space at the top of the first page.

DO NOT provide fill in the blanks for any county offices.

The MN UCB software and the pre-printed MN UCB forms are provided for under section 507.09, certified copies or any form provided for under Minnesota Statutes are exempt from the document standards fee unless you alter the MN UCB by writing in the margin or taping a legal description onto the form and etc.

1 thru 7 is a brief recap of MN Statute 507.093.

Documents shall:

1.  -be no larger than 81/2 X 14 inches (continuous page documents are non-standard)

2.  -be printed, typewritten or computer generated in black ink with type no smaller than 8 point

3.  -be on white paper at least 20 pound weight (copy machine weight) with no background color or highlighter and at least a 1/2 inch border on all sides of each page.

4.  -contain a 3-inch blank space at the top on the first page county use.

5.  -prominently display the title of the document on the first page below the 3-inch blank space.

6.  -not contain attachments which cover up any information on any page of the document.

7.  -be legible to reproduce a readable copy using Recorder/Registrar's current method of reproduction.

One sided pages are preferred in case there is bleed through from a notary stamp, etc. so it does not interfere with the print on the other side,

When attaching legal descriptions to documents or Certificates of Real Estate Value please use full sheets of paper printed portrait style (not sideways).



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