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     Soo Line FAQ's
  1. What is the Soo Line Trail?

    The Soo Line Trail is an abandoned railroad grade purchased from Soo Line Railroad.
  2. How long is the Soo Line Trail?

    The entire trail is 226 miles long. This includes the 112-mile Northern Route from Moose Lake in Carlton County to Cass Lake in Cass County and the 114-mile Southern Route from Genola in Morrison County to Superior in Douglas County, Wisconsin.
  3. What types of vehicles are allowed on the Trail?

    Snowmobiles and ATVís with a minimum of three tires and a maximum of six tires. As defined by Minnesota State Statutes 84.92, subdivisions 8 - 10, the maximum dry weight for Class 1 ATVís is 900 lbs. and for Class 2 ATVís, 1,500 lbs; the maximum engine displacement of any vehicle is limited to under 800 cubic centimeters. The trail is not well suited for bicycling. Cars, trucks and motorcycles are NOT allowed on the Trail.
  4. Can I get an easement from Carlton County to use the Trail for access to my property?

    No. Carlton County will not issue easements for use of the Trail as access to private property.
  5. When may ATVís be used on the Soo Line Trail?

    In Carlton County, ATVís are allowed on the Trail year around. In counties where the ATV and snowmobile seasons alternate, the ATV season is April 1st - November 30th.

  6. Are there gas stations and restaurants along the trail?

    In Carlton County, there are gas stations and restaurants in Moose Lake within 2 - 3 blocks of the Trail. A map of acceptable routes through Moose Lake to access these services is available at the Moose Lake City Office, 313 Elm Ave, Phone - 218-485-4010 or at

    In Kettle River, there is a restaurant on the Trail and a bar and grill Ĺ block from the Trail.

  7. Are there rest rooms along the Soo Line Trail?

    In Carlton County, there are satellites along the Soo Line Trail in three places:

    The Soo Pit

    At the Automba siding (NE1/4 - NE1/4, Section 32, Township 47N, Range 21W, Automba Township), on the west side of County Rd. 19

    Trail Access parking lot in Wrenshall Township (NE1/4 - SE1/4, Section 20, Township 47N, R16W) on the west side of County Rd. 1.
  8. Are out-of-state permits required to ride on the Trail?

    Yes.  Permits may be purchased where hunting and fishing licenses are sold.

    To Buy your permit online or for more info click here:

  9. Are Trail riders required to wear helmets?

  10. Are there campgrounds and accommodations near the Trail?

    Click here for a list of some campgrounds and motels in the area.
  11. Is the Trail groomed for snowmobiling?

    Carlton County does not groom the Trail for snowmobiling. Grooming is done by local snowmobile clubs using grant-in-aid monies from the State of Minnesota.
  12. How can I find out about snow conditions for snowmobiling on the Soo Line Trail?

    The Moose Lake Chamber of Commerce provides this information at 1-800-635-3680. The recording is updated weekly.
  13. How do I access the Trail?

    In Carlton County the best place to access the Soo Line Trail is in the City of Moose Lake. Parking is available at the historic Moose Lake Depot. 

    [ Yahoo! Maps ]
    Map of Moose Lake Depot

  14. Where can I get a map of the Trail?

    The Department of Natural Resources website, or at the Carlton County Land Department.
  15. What other websites and phone numbers might I find helpful?
  16. - for accommodation, including campsites
  17. - City of Moose Lake web site
  18. - DNR Website
  19. - website of local ATV club
  20. - Moose Lake Chamber of Commerce
  21. City of Moose Lake - 218-485-4010
  22. Moose Lake Chamber of Commerce - 218-485-414


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