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Carlton County tax-forfeited lands offer numerous and varied recreational opportunities such as nature viewing, hiking, non-commercial harvesting of non-protected plants, fruits, nuts and maple syrup tapping. Forest roads act as trails for both motorized and non-motorized uses. But, without a doubt, the greatest recreational use of the lands is for grouse and deer hunting. In conjunction with vast tracts of State land, County lands are a mecca for hunters.

Current policy does not allow for the construction of new permanent deer stands. Stands may be tied or strapped to trees or free standing. They must be portable. Screw-in pegs may be put in trees to access portable deer stands, but must be removed after hunting season.

The County has issued leases to individuals for the purpose of establishing hunting cabins. There is a detailed lease agreement governing these arrangements and the leases must be renewed annually. The Board has set a ceiling on the number of leases available. There are no cabin lease sites available at this time.

Current policy allows for ATV, motorcycle and snowmobile traffic on County managed roads and trails excpet where expressly prohibited. Cars and trucks are allowed on forest roads when conditions permit.

The Land Department manages two County owned abandoned Soo Line Trails. (This link will take you to the MN DNR Website for maps and more information about the Soo Line Trail. See also Soo Line Trail FAQ’s). These two trails are limited to ATV and snowmobile motorized use. ATV dry weight may not exceed 1,500 pounds. All other motorized vehicles are prohibited. The consumption of alcoholic beverages or the possession of an opened bottle containing alcoholic beverages while operating a vehicle on the Soo Line Trail is prohibited. Carlton County Ordinance #14 sets forth provisions for use of these two trails.



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