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Map Information

 Prepared by
Carlton County Land Department
1630 Co. Rd. 61
Carlton MN 55718

Carlton County Land Department
Aerial photos dating back to 1948 are available for viewing only.
USGS Information Services
Box 25286
Denver, CO 80225
USGS home page:
Hudson Map Company
MPLS 612-872-8818
Has: all MN USGS maps and County maps
WI maps
Delorme topo atlasís (1 topo map for whole state)
MN, WI, Iowa, ND, SD
Mail Order: MC/visa/American Express
Small out of home by-mail business
(218)940-5512 or (218)624-9191).
Duluth area and some WI topos in stock.
Index available.
NW Outlet
(Superior North to Webster area, Lake Superior border area, MN/WI border, and east to approxiately Woodruff)
1814 Belknap St., Superior WI 54880, 715-392-1122
Gander Mtn
Duluth, MN - McKenzie maps, and
Fisher maps (topo of water)-(BWCA maps only).
1307 Miller Trunk Hwy., Duluth, MN 55811, 218-726-1100
Bismarck Map Company
Customized topo maps 722-2733
Carlton County Land Department
USGS Quads for Carlton County for viewing only.
On-line topographical maps (gives latitude/longitude)
Topo and Aerial
Purchase of Aerial photos:
DNR Grand Rapids
 (218-327-4449) Credit Cards accepted
Other Resources:
 Univ. of Madison, WI
(WI map resource helper)
 Univ. of Minnesota
(MN map resource helper)
 USGS site with info about topo maps

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