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   Frequently asked Questions
  1.  How may I purchase tax-forfeited land?

    Landsales are usually held annually in either July or August.
    (See Landsale FAQís on the Auditor/Treasurerís page.)

    To inquire about having a tax-forfeited parcel placed on a Landsale, call our office at 384-9179 or stop in at 1630 Co. Rd. 61. (County Memorial Forest land is not eligible to be placed on a Landsale).

    Please note that not all parcels shown as "Carlton County Tax Forfeited" in plat books are eligible to be placed on a Landsale.
  2. Does your Department have topographical maps for sale?

    We have no topo maps for sale. The Land Department has USGS topo maps for public viewing.

    For more information, see our "Map Information" page.

  3. Does your Department have air photos?

    The Land Department has air photos dating back to 1948. Our most recent air photos were flown by the DNR in 2007.

    The Land Department does not sell or loan air photos; however, the public is welcome to view air photos in our office.


    MN Department of Natural Resources aerial photos may be viewed online and purchased at .
    You may also order DNR air photos by phone at 218-327-4449.

    Aerial views are available online at

  4. May I hunt on public lands in Carlton County?

    Hunting is allowed on all County-owned, Tax-forfeited, and Memorial Forest land, with the exception of such land within a city's limits, airports, landfills, gravel pits (in general; contact Transportation Department for more information), or land on which county buildings are located.

    Hunting rules and Regulations on Carlton County managed lands are enforced by MN DNR Conservation Officers.

  5. Where are public lands in Carlton County located?

    The best way to identify county-owned, Tax-forfeited and Memorial Forest lands is to consult a Carlton County plat book. 2010 plat books are available for purchase in the Recorderís Office, Courthouse, Carlton. Changes in ownership are ongoing. To obtain current ownership information, check with the Carlton County Land Department or the Carlton County Auditorís Office.

    The most recent Hunting & Wildlife Guide available from Minnesota's Bookstore may also be helpful.

  6. How do I access public lands?

    Public lands must be accessed from public roads unless permission has been obtained from landowners to cross privately owned land in order to reach County-owned, Tax-forfeited and Memorial Forest lands which have no public access.
  7. Can I access landlocked property along a section line?

    No. Privately owned land may be crossed only with the permission of the landowner.
  8. What are the rules about deer stands on public lands in Carlton County?

    Deer stands may NOT be permanently affixed to trees. They may be tied or strapped to trees or free standing. They must be portable. Screw-in pegs may be put in trees to access portable deer stands, but must be removed after hunting season.

    For more information about hunting on Carlton County public lands, please see Chapter 9 "Recreation" of the Carlton County Management Plan for Tax-Forfeited Lands.

  9. What may I cut or clear to create a shooting lane?

    Cutting shooting lanes, including brush, is a violation of Minnesota Law. For more information, please see Chapter 9 "Recreation" of the Carlton County Management Plan for Tax-Forfeited Lands.

  10. Are Hunting Cabin Leases available in Carlton County?

    There are currently 52 leases and additional leases are not likely. No new leases have been issued since 1996. See Chapter 6, "Land Administration" of the Carlton County Management Plan for Tax-Forfeited Lands.
  11. Can Hunting Cabin Leases be sold?

    No, the leases themselves may not be sold. Furthermore, leases may be transferred by the lessee only to a blood relative upon the formal, written approval by the Carlton County Land Commissioner.
  12. Can I camp on tax-forfeited land?

    Primitive and short-term camping are allowed on tax-forfeited land. Permanent camp sites are not allowed. For more information about camping on Carlton County public lands, please see Chapter 9 "Recreation" of the Carlton County Management Plan for Tax-Forfeited Lands.
  13. Can I drive an ATV on County forest roads and trails?

    ATVís and off-highway motorcycles may be driven on County forest roads, unless posted closed. For example, the forest road in Section 33, T46N, R18W, which meanders northwesterly from County Line Road for approximately three miles, is a signed road and not open to ATVís.

    Carlton County regulations conform to the MN DNR regulations for off-highway vehicles. Conservation officers, deputy sheriffs, police officers, and state troopers, all enforce off-highway vehicle rules.

    ATV cross-country travel is PROHIBITED. (Please see hunting/trapping exceptions at the DNR link below.

  14. Is it possible to obtain an easement over County administered land?

    Carlton County generally avoids issuing easements unless no other alternatives are available.
  15. May I cut firewood on County administered land?


    The Land Department does not identify areas where firewood may be available and does not set up firewood sales.

    From time to time Landing Cleanup Permits or Salvage Wood permits are issued on a first come, first served basis. A contact list is not maintained.

    To report an area with dead/down wood, contact the Land Department at 218-384-9179.

    The DNR does set up firewood sales. Contact the Cloquet Office of DNR Forestry at 879-0880.
  16. Can I cut a Christmas Tree from tax-forfeited land?

  17. Does your Department have GIS data?

    Land Department GIS data pertains primarily to timber inventory. For information about Carlton County GIS data please contact Jared Hovi from the Information Systems Department at 218-384-9502
  18. Will the Land Department run boundary lines on private land?

    No. The Carlton County Land Department will run lines between tax-forfeited land and private land only when the County has a timber sale on tax-forfeited land.


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