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Homestead Information

       Homestead is a tax benefit for persons who own and occupy their property as their residence.  You must be a Minnesota resident.  As long as you meet this criteria, you can  have one homestead.  To qualify for homestead, you must own and occupy your residence by December 1 of the current year and file by December 15.  You must file an application, along with your social security numbers, with the County Assessor in order to receive this benefit. 

       Your property can also be granted a Ďrelative homesteadí.  This benefit is extended to relatives of the owners who occupy the property.  This must also be applied for along with social security numbers of all occupants and also of the owners of the property.

Sustainable Forest Incentive Act

The Sustainable Forest Incentive Act (SFIA) allows annual payments to be made back to the property owner who has enrolled forested land as an incentive to practice long-term sustainable forest management.  You must have a forest management plan among other requirements to qualify for the program.  The application due date for this program is Sept. 30th for the following years incentive payment.  This is a Department of Revenue program and more information on it can be obtained by visiting the states website or by calling 651-556-6088, or by contacting your assessor's office.

Sustainable Forest Information

Sustainable Forest Incentive Act Covenant 2009

Sustainable Forest Incentive Act Enrollment Application 2009

Senior Citizen Property Tax Deferral Program

This program allows people 65 years of age or older to defer a portion of their homestead property taxes.  The deferred taxes accrue as a lien on the property and are due within 90 days after the property is sold, transferred, or no longer qualifies as a homestead.  Applications are due by August 1st to the Department of Revenue.

Property Tax Refund (M1-PR)

This program is administered by the Department of Revenue, and provides for two types of refunds.  The first is for homeowner/renters whose property taxes exceed a specified percentage of household income.  The second program is for homestead properties where the property tax exceeds 12% and said increase is $100 or more.  Applications are due by August 15th to the Minnesota Department of Revenue.

Disability Homestead

Homestead property owners who are legally blind, permanently and totally disabled, or a paraplegic veteran are eligible for a reduced tax rate on a portion of the value of their property.  In some instances, there are income requirements that must be met to qualify.  Contact the assessor's office for more information.

Disabled Veteran Exclusion

More info to come...

Misc. Information

       The Assessorís Office also keeps on hand applications to file with the State of Minnesota if you are determined to be disabled or legally blind. The State of Minnesota will determine eligibility and notify the County Assessorís Office if you qualify. This benefit does reduce the amount of property tax you pay.

Application to Determine Farm Classification
for the 2014 Assessment

Green Acres Information

Green Acres Addendum Form

Green Acres Application for Valuation and Tax Deferment of Agricultural Option 2.

Class 2C Forest Managed Lands Information

Class 2C Managed Lands Application




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