County Assessor's Office              

Ms. Marci Moreland
Carlton County Assessor

Carlton Courthouse
Room #114
P.O. Box 440
Carlton, MN 55718

Telephone: (218) 384-9142
Fax: (218) 384-9157

General Information about the Assessor

Minnesota Assessors must be licensed by the Minnesota State Board of Assessors.  To be certified by the State Board, an assessor must first successfully pass three week-long courses on assessment procedures and appraisal practice, and attend and ethics seminar, and serve a one year apprenticeship under a licensed assessor.  In Carlton County, new assessors are also required to complete a four day training program taught by county staff.  Assessors have a continuing education requirement of 50+ hours of training over each four year licensing period.  Beyond this, there are additional State Board requirements for appraising income producing properties and performing more difficult assessment functions.

County Assessor Responsibilities

The County Assessor is an appointed official by the County Board of Commissioners.  The term is 4 years.   The primary function of the County Assessorís office is to determine the market value and classification of all real property and certain types of personal property such as mobile homes and cabins on leased property.

The Assessor maintains property records for all taxable and exempt parcels in Carlton County.  The information found on these records is used by a various number of public entities such as Realtors, Appraisers, and also the County Auditor to levy taxes.  Information found on the property record card include the tax description, estimated market value, current owner, improvement information and classification (use) codes.  Most of the information found on the property record card is public and open for viewing. 

The Assessor also maintains a file for all the sales of property in Carlton County, for about a 3-4 year span.  The sales certificates contain such information as the buyer/seller, date of sale, purchase price, address, description of property being sold, and assessorís market value information for two years.   These sales files are also open to the public for their viewing.

Any information, at this time, is retrievable by the land description, property identification number (PIN), or current ownerís name or property address.

Understanding Recent Changes in Homestead Benefits
For Property Tax Purposes

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