Wildlife Management Projects

Timber harvesting and wildlife

The Carlton County Land Department has several ongoing projects to improve and create habitat for local wildlife. We collaborate with other local natural resource management entities to make sure wildlife habitat and ecological needs are considered. All of the timber harvesting that the county administers follows the Minnesota Forest Management Guidelines

Current management practices:

  • Retaining live trees (> 6 inches DBH), snags, and dead wood to promote habitat structure after harvesting
  • Checking for the presence of Endangered, Threatened, and Sensitive species and modifying harvest activities accordingly
  • Leaving trees in clumps around sensitive areas (seasonal ponds, cultural resources, active stick nests, etc.)
  • Leaving tree species that have longevity, wildirmness, and cavity potential
  • Creating Coarse Woody Debris and scatter throughout harvest area
  • Keeping slash out of streams, lakes, seasonal ponds, and wetlands
  • Protecting conifer regeneration when harvesting mixed deciduous coniferous stands
  • Promoting diversity through planting and maintaining a mix of native trees


Grouse Log-0775

A male ruffed grouse prepares to drum to attract a mate

Grouse Eggs

A ruffed grouse nest in a recently harvested stand