Land Administration

Minnesota statute 282.01 states that counties must classify their tax-forfeited lands as either conservation or non-conservation. In 1989 Carlton County classified its tax-forfeited lands into five categories. This classification assists in establishing primary management directions for the land.


Memorial Forest

This designation requires County Board action and is reserved for those lands with the best timber management potential, and is managed for multi-purpose use. Currently there are approximately 49,200 acres of Carlton County Memorial Forest.


15,990 acres cannot be sold by the County, due to the Minnesota Waters Protection Act, because they border lakes or streams.

Since the current Management Plan was adopted in October, 2004, 1,500 acres previously on the "dispose by sale" list have been designated as lands that the County should, by statute, retain for current or future management purposes.

In addition, all parcels in Sawyer and Perch Lake Townships have been temporarily removed from Landsale consideration per moratorium passed by the Carlton County Board of Commissioners. This amounts to approximately 2,300 acres.



1,740 acres have been identified for possible exchange with other public or private land management entities. Exchanges must be for equivalently valued property.

Dispose by Sale

Approximately 1,640 acres have been identified for possible land sales.