Readjusting Counseling Service

One fact of war is that in its aftermath, while nations enjoy peace, some warriors experience psychological and social distress. Congress established the provision for readjustment counseling by the Department of Veterans Affairs in 1979, recognizing that a significant number of Vietnam era veterans continued to experience readjustment problems.

Legislation extended eligibility for counseling to combat veterans of World War II, Korea, Persian Gulf, Panama, Grenada, Lebanon, Somalia, Haiti and future eligible veterans.

Readjustment Counseling Service presently operates over 200 Vet Centers located throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. Vet Centers Help veterans and their family members make a satisfying post war readjustment to civilian life through a broad and successful range of counseling, outreach, and referrals.

Individual Readjustment Counseling

The Vet Center Provides:

  • Community education
  • Employment counseling, guidance and referral
  • Group readjustment counseling
  • Liaison with community agencies
  • Marital and family counseling
  • Referral for benefits assistance
  • Sexual trauma counseling
  • Substance abuse information and referral