Private Driveway Snow Removal Policy

The Department will plow private driveways that are in rural areas on an as-needed basis at the operator’s discretion. To have the Department plow your private driveway, you must submit an application (PDF) by October 30th.

Once your application has been accepted, your property will remain in the private driveway program until either you or the Department cancels the service. Charges for this service, (which are subject to change), are a minimum of $25 per occurrence. Most of the time the operator can complete the work in 15 minutes or less. Should the work take longer, a rate of $80 per hour will apply.

Residents should not consider the County as a primary provider for snow removal. Our obligation is first and foremost to maintain the public roads and highways before using County equipment to benefit individual private parties.

General Snow Removal Guidelines

The Department carries out snow removal and ice control operations generally following a priority for bituminous surfaced county roads, then gravel surfaced county roads, then township roads, ensuring that these roads are fully open to the public before the Department will plow private driveways. Private driveways are not plowed on overtime.